Brodstone Memorial Hospital is a cornerstone of the Superior, Nebraska community.



Our Facilities

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is conveniently located at 520 East 10th Street, Superior, Nebraska. Our facility includes a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital, a clinic attached to the hospital at 525 East 11th Street, and 2 rural medical clinics.  A medical clinic is located at 76 West 8th Street, Nelson, and also 315 North C in Edgar.  A local pharmacy delivers prescriptions as needed on a daily basis to Nelson.

Brodstone Memorial Hospital

520 East 10th Street, Superior NE 68978, 402-879-3281.

Superior Family Medical Center

525 East 11th Street, Superior NE 68978, 402-879-4781.

Nelson Family Medical Center

76 West 8th Street, Nelson NE 68961, 402-225-2375.

Edgar Medical Clinic

315 North C Street, Edgar NE 68935, 402-224-3344.

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