About the Foundation

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Foundation works to enhance the level of healthcare in our community.

Foundation History

The Brodstone Memorial Foundation Committee was re-established on January 13, 2003. There are eight members, two of whom are members of the Hospital Board of Directors.  The Hospital CEO is a permanent member, along with the Foundation Director.  The Foundation Committee members serve in this capacity without pay and are committed to maintaining Brodstone Memorial Hospital as an up-to-date medical facility, able to meet the needs of our residents. A nonprofit organization, the Foundation accepts financial gifts that enhance and expand programs and services already provided by Brodstone Memorial Hospital, as well as provide new services. All gifts are monitored closely to ensure they are effectively used. The Foundation acknowledges all gifts.

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Services

Brodstone Memorial Hospital provides services through its own operations and finances and does not require county or taxpayer funding. This financial independence is important, helping to ensure efficient operation with an emphasis on quality health care. No one is ever denied the services of Brodstone Memorial Hospital because of the inability to pay. The Hospital offers inpatient, outpatient, emergency, skilled care, rehabilitation and many other services. It serves an area which includes all of Nuckolls County and surrounding counties.

Explanation of Donations

Annual Outright Gifts: For those who want to see their gifts have an immediate impact on the needs of Brodstone Memorial Hospital, an outright gift through an annual or one-time donation may best fit your giving wishes. You can accomplish this by any size donation of cash, stock or real estate which may have considerable tax benefits. You may designate your gift to a specific fund if you choose. Contact the Foundation Committee for more details.

Endowment Gifts: With an endowment, the principle sum of your gift is never spent. Rather, the interest earned is used for general support of the Foundation activities or for a specific purpose you may have in mind.

Planned Gifts: Sometimes a planned gift may be appropriate for you and your family. Wills, trusts, gift annuities and life insurance are some examples of how you can handle this type of gift. Contact your accountant, lawyer, financial planner or the Foundation Committee for assistance.

Acceptable Forms of Gifts

Cash or Checks: The Committee has authority to accept cash or checks for which it will furnish a receipt.

Unrestricted Gifts: The Hospital encourages contributions, to be used at the committee’s discretion, in fulfilling its charitable mission of delivering health care.

Restricted Gifts: The Committee shall accept restricted gifts that comply with the Hospital’s charitable mission. Then gifts are designated according to the giver’s wishes.

Tangible Personal Property: which is readily marketable and convertible to cash and fits the mission of the Hospital. The Committee will cooperate with any donor in the matters relating to Internal Revenue Service reporting requirements.

Life Insurance Policies and Commercial Annuities: The Committee has authority to accept life insurance policies and commercial annuity contracts irrevocably naming Brodstone Memorial Hospital as the owner and primary beneficiary. The Hospital retains of the right to make any investment decision from time to time currently or in the future as pertains to the insurance policy or commercial annuity.

Retirement Plans: The Committee is authorized to accept benefits under individual retirement accounts by the naming of Brodstone Memorial as a contingent or last beneficiary of any retirement plan following the death of any retiree and surviving spouse.

Charitable Trusts: The Committee will accept the designation as a remainder owner and beneficiary, but with the provision that any primary income beneficiary shall be sixty years or older, the maximum number of income beneficiaries shall be two, and the calculated net present value of the charitable contribution computed is at least fifty percent of the value of the initial amount funding the trust.

Other Property: The Committee is authorized to accept other property which may consist of mortgages, notes, copyrights, trademarks, debt instruments of any kind, patents, partnership interests, but restricted only to limited partnership interests. The Committee will not accept or be involved with charitable gift annuities and deferred payment annuities at the present time.

Memorial Gifts: Memorial gifts provide a lasting tribute to a beloved relative, friend, or business associate. Your memorial gift can be made in any amount and an acknowledgement will be sent to the family of the individual, on your behalf. Gifts of $250 or more are recognized by the permanent placement of the honoree’s name on the Wall of Honor at the Brodstone Memorial Hospital.

Gifts of Real Property with Retained Life Interest: The Committee is authorized to accept publicly traded securities which are traded on any recognized stock exchange. The Hospital policy is that publicly traded securities will be sold unless the securities fit within the written investment policy of the Hospital. The Committee will not commit to hold any particular security for investment.

Closely Held Securities: A closely held security is one not traded on any exchange. The Committee has authority to accept stock or other interest in a closely held company, however, the Committee reserves the right to receive financial statements of the company.

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Gift Levels

  • Friends ($1 to $249)
  • Contributors ($250 to $499)
  • Patrons ($500 to $999)
  • Builders ($1,000 to $4,999)
  • Humanitarians ($5,000 to $9,999)
  • Benefactors ($10,000 to $49,999)
  • Legacy ($50,000 and up)

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Foundation Committee

  • Trent Siebecker
  • Piper Hodge
  • Ashley Clark
  • Pat McCord
  • Judy Grove
  • Treg Vyzourek
  • Heather Erickson