Brodstone Memorial Hospital is a cornerstone of the Superior, Nebraska community.



Our Board of Directors

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is led by a six-member Board of Directors. The Directors, who come from diverse backgrounds represent the service area and are responsible for the continued success of our institution. Each Board member serves a three-year term and two members are elected each year by the community, at our annual meeting in May.
Brodstone is unique in that our by-laws require four of our six directors be women. This was the one stipulation made by the Brodstone-Vestey family before donating funds to build the Hospital. Our current Board of Directors include:  Pat McCord, Judy Grove, Marlin Meyer, Jodene Clabaugh, Jacki Porter, and Janet Eggers.

Our Administration

The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors and facilitates the on-going operation of the hospital with the assistance of a highly skilled administrative staff and group of committed employees.  Treg Vyzourek  was name as Brodstone's CEO in January, 2018.

Our Mission

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit community acute care medical/surgical critical access hospital established to deliver quality, affordable health care in a caring, safe and compassionate environment to all persons of such need in a totally non-discriminatory manner.

Our Vision

Improving lives through exceptional and progressive healthcare making Brodstone Memorial Hospital your first choice for the best healthcare.

Our Values

Teamwork – Knowing that all of us are stronger than each of us, together everyone achieves more.

Integrity – Is the foundation of trust and respect.

Honesty – Be honest with yourself, living the truth.

Reliability – Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it and do it to the best of your ability.

Humility – Humility is an essential ingredient of effective leadership.

Stewardship – Honor the obligation to be a good steward of your own resources, the resources of Brodstone Memorial Hospital and the world in which we live.

Compassion – On many occasions the greatest service that you can render to another human being is the simple gift of compassion. Genuine compassion entails mutuality; caregivers need patients as much as patients need caregivers.

Ownership – Employees committed to values, vision and mission of Brodstone Memorial Hospital engaged in their work with enthusiasm and feel a sense of connection and spirit of fellowship with their coworkers, think their work is important, anticipate problems and seek opportunity to correct, think creatively about how to create value, and take pride in their job.




Brodstone Memorial Hospital
The Corporation is a public benefit corporation and the principal place of business is at 520 East 10th Street, Superior NE and the name and address of it’s registered agent is:

                                                           Jason Yungtum, 12910 Pierce St., Suite 200, Omaha NE  68144

The objects and purposes of the Corporation shall be: 
     To erect and maintain in Superior, Nebraska, a hospital to be run and operated for educational, scientific and charitable purposes.
     To provide medical care and treatment to persons suffering from disease, injury or other ailment, including providing hospital facilities for such persons.
     To receive gifts, donations and endowments for carrying on the work of the Corporation.
     To engage in any activity that may legally be engaged in by corporations formed under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act.