Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Mission

Compassionate. Dedicated. Unified. We care for you.

Our Vision

To be the leader in exceptional healthcare for generations to come.

Our Values


The Corporation is a public benefit corporation and the principal place of business is at 520 East 10th Street, Superior NE and the name and address of its registered agent is:

Jason Yungtum, 12910 Pierce St., Suite 200, Omaha NE  68144

The objects and purposes of the Corporation shall be:
To erect and maintain in Superior, Nebraska, a hospital to be run and operated for educational, scientific and charitable purposes.

     To provide medical care and treatment to persons suffering from disease, injury or other ailment, including providing hospital facilities for such persons.

     To receive gifts, donations and endowments for carrying on the work of the Corporation.

     To engage in any activity that may legally be engaged in by corporations formed under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act.