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An Update from the CEO

Brodstone Full of Hope and Optimism in 2021

Treg Vyzourek, CEO
Brodstone Memorial Hospital

We are full of hope and optimism as we begin 2021. We are all very aware of how hard and difficult 2020 was.  At Brodstone, it has been no different.  Like many hospitals, we came together to make sure that our communities received the highest level of care possible.  The teamwork that has been exhibited at Brodstone has been nothing short of amazing. I have worked in healthcare for 25 years and I have never been part of a team that is so dedicated and selfless. This team continues to show up every day with a positive attitude, ready to make a difference.  To say that I am proud, is an understatement.  They truly are heroes!   

We are continuing to see our COVID numbers decrease in our county and health district. Our current COVID hospitalization rate is also down.  It is a blessing to be on the backside of our second wave of COVID infections. This does not mean that we are all-good and can immediately go back to our normal lives. We still need your help to keep these numbers low. We ask that you continue following the recommended guidelines by wearing masks, social distancing and using proper hand hygiene. When the time comes to get your COVID-19 vaccine, get it! Please understand that if we do not respond positively by doing the right things, we could create a third wave of COVID infections. This would be devastating to our communities.

There is currently a lot of discussion about the COVID-19 Vaccine. Many have questioned how these companies could bring the vaccine to market so quickly. The government decreased the bureaucratic requirements and invested billions of dollars to create the vaccine. It would normally take these companies years to raise these types of funds. Special meetings were convened by the FDA to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. It was trialed by thousands, including some right here in Nebraska. I have also been asked about the side effects associated with the vaccine. As of this date, I am happy to say that we have had only minor reactions such as soreness at the injection site. This is a common side effect with almost any vaccine.  If you still have concerns, please talk to your provider. They can provide guidance on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine, as well as discuss whether it is right for you. 

The state of Nebraska is rolling out the vaccine in phases, starting with healthcare workers as part of the 1a group. At Brodstone, we have been vaccinating our staff since December 21st. We hope to have their vaccinations completed very soon. We will begin vaccinating 1b groups, which include essential workers, followed by the 1c group.  Once vaccinations start for group 1c, it is expected that the vaccine will be widely available and offered to the public. We are not sure of the timing of the group 1c vaccinations, but we hope that it is offered sooner rather than later.

The COVID vaccine requires two injections. Depending on the manufacturer, these injections are administered anywhere from 21 to 28 days apart. Getting both shots is important for long term protection from COVID-19.  As one of my peers stated, “The one side effect I have seen with the vaccine is hope and optimism.”  I would agree with that wholeheartedly.  The availability of the vaccine has given my staff hope that this is slowly ending.  We have hope that we no longer have to see our friends, neighbors and loved ones suffer or lose their lives due to COVID-19. 

Please continue to do your part. Even if you have recovered from COVID-19, continue wearing your mask, social distancing and using proper hand hygiene. Avoid the three C’s, crowded places, close contacts and confined spaces.  When the vaccine is available to you, get it! Get it to protect your community, to protect yourself and to protect those you love!

Brodstone will continue to offer TestNebraska on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the foreseeable future.  Testing is also available at the Superior Family Medical Center. If you have questions about COVID-19 or the vaccination plan, please visit with your provider. 

You may also visit our website at www.brodstonehospital.org  or the South Heartland District Health Department website at www.southheartlandhealth.org for more information