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Brodstone Memorial Hospital to Start Construction

Superior, Ne  Brodstone Memorial Hospital is officially starting the construction process. The beginning stages will include outdoor projects such as moving of the oxygen tank, generator, and water/gas lines in preparation for the new addition. As these projects begin, the first big change was the closure of the employee parking lot on Monday, October 5th. Parking for employees has been directed elsewhere for the remainder of the project.

“Our focus in the past six+ months has been on preparation and readiness for COVID. We are shifting into construction mode and moving forward with these exterior projects all while still being prepared to handle any type of patient care situations.” added Treg Vyzourek, BMH CEO. “We have both the ability and room to address all of the patient care needs we have for the communities we serve and in no way will this project diminish our capacity to provide care in any form. As a facility we feel it’s important to keep our communities updated of what’s happening on our campus. Not only is this an exciting time for the future of Brodstone, but also for the communities that we serve.”

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