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Health Care Career Scholarship Applications Due April 1

Evelene Brodstone Scholarship

Evelene Brodstone, later Evelyn Vestey, Lady Vestey was an American businesswoman known for being one of the highest paid woman executives of the 1920s. Beginning as a stenographer for the Vestey Cold Storage Company in Chicago, Illinois, she rose through the ranks to become the chief auditor and troubleshooter for Vestey Brothers. In 1924, she married William Vestey. Lady Vestey retained her close connection to Superior, where she lived most of her childhood. In 1928, with her brother, Lewis Brodstone, she gifted the land and funds for a hospital in memory of their mother, an advocate for health care. Ninety-two years later, this gift continues to serve the health care needs of Superior and the Nuckolls County area residents as Brodstone Memorial Hospital. Each year at the annual public meeting in May, the Governing Board of Brodstone Memorial Hospital announces the recipient(s) of the Evelene Brodstone Health Care Career Grant.

For scholarship criteria and application: Evelene Brodstone Health Care Career Grant Application

Virginia Lewis Scholarship

Virginia Lewis of Ruskin, Nebraska, became a licensed registered professional nurse in 1954. Additionally, she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed her post graduate program in Operating Room Management in 1959. Initially, Virginia worked as the school nurse in Superior, Nebraska. In 1962, she began her 46-year career at Brodstone Memorial Hospital where she worked in numerous roles. In addition to her work as a floor nurse, she was the Director of Nurses for a number of years and when the need arose, she became the interim administrator of the hospital. However, her absolute favorite role was that of the surgical nurse. In 1991, she was Employee of the Year. In 2020, Virginia’s husband, Marvin, alongside their three children created a health care scholarship fund to honor her legacy as a nurse for individuals pursuing a career in the health care industry.

For scholarship criteria and application: Virginia Lewis Health Care Scholarship Application

For more information or questions regarding the scholarships, contact a Nuckolls County School Counselor or email Director of Foundation, Heather Erickson, at herickson@brodstone.org.