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New Employee Encourages Support Groups

 Brodstone Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Colleen Babcock, Behavioral Health Therapist, has joined the staff in the Thrive Center.

Colleen brings with her 22 years of experience in the mental health field.  She has a Masters in Family Science, Marriage and Family Therapy. She has spent the last 12 years working specifically with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnosis.  Her special interest and experience is working with individuals and families dealing with management of chronic physical health conditions, including addiction.

Colleen joins Krista Holeman, Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and program director, at the Brodstone Thrive Center. The Thrive Center is a program for seniors, age 55+, that offers group and individualized treatment for older adults who suffer from emotional, behavioral or mental health concerns such as grief, depression, failing memory, anxiety and changes in overall health.

Krista, who started the program last year, is excited about the addition of Colleen.  “Together we offer group and individual sessions”, said Holeman.  “With Colleen being a part of the program, we will be able to offer our services to more patients in our area.”

Krista and Colleen are working on a plan to start support groups in Superior.  “We want to meet the needs of the patients in our area and will be starting with two groups”, said Krista.  These support groups will begin in September and will be held once or twice a month. They will be open to those 20 to 55 years of age.  An initial consult with a therapist is required before joining the group.

Because of COVID-19 this year, there is a concern of people losing contact with family and friends, thus a “Social Distancing Support Group” will be one of the groups offered this fall.  The focus of the group discussion will be building support, recognizing stressors and strengths, managing life challenges, and reinforcing self-care.  This will be focusing on patients dealing with difficult feelings, worry, anxiety, depression, and isolation.

A “Trauma Recovery Support Group” will also be available.  The focus of this group discussion will be managing life challenges, reinforcing self-care, and meeting personal goals.  This is a group for people diagnosed with PTSD or dealing with worry, fear, and depression.

Krista and Colleen have a great respect for confidentiality of their patients and will be stressing that to all participants in the group.  Group therapy works because patients know they are not alone, may benefit from successes of others, and allows people to express themselves in front of others without being judged.

Brodstone Thrive Center is currently accepting referrals. If you or a loved one is experiencing mental health challenges please call to receive a free, confidential, initial behavioral health screening. Referrals to Brodstone Thrive Center may be made by healthcare providers, nurses, social workers, yourself or others by calling 402-207-1542. For more information, check our website at brodstonehospital.org/services/mental-health/