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Exciting New Product for Diabetes Patients

Brodstone now has a device for patients to track their glucose reading.

Fall BMH Auxiliary Meeting

Hospital Honors Mary Fuller

Brodstone Harvest Moon Gala

"Superior Care Close to HOME" These words perfectly summed up the cause behind the 2019 Harvest Moon Gala.

Hod Dog Eating Contest Winner

As a thank you for their help with the Gala, Brodstone hosted a contest.

Weight Loss Success With Local Smart Moves Class

Looking to lose a little weight, live healthier, prevent diabetes? Classes start in January, 2020. Register now.

No More Waiting for the Shingles Shot

Call Now For an Appointment

Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments Now Available Every Weekday at Superior Family Medical Center

Migraine Relief Available

Superior Family Medical Center staff has a procedure, which is simple, gentle and a comfortable in-office technique, provides immediate relief for most patients and has the potential relief time of 3 to 6 months.

Do you have a Patient Portal?

Download the Patient Portal App and have your lab results at your fingertips!

What does a Speech Therapist do?

Amy Nash, Speech Language Pathologist, treats patients at Brodstone Memorial Hospital