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Hospital Pays Homage to Evelene Brodstone

Evelene leaves a legacy of hard work, a great business sense and the desire to take care of people. The hospital continues this legacy today.

Brodstone Awarded Two New Designations

We have a great team of nurses ready to provide education to new parents.

Austin & Michelle Represent Brodstone at California Exhibition

The poster’s topic was on the evaluation of antibiotic prescribing for middle ear infections in children in a rural, outpatient setting.

What does a Speech Therapist do?

Amy Nash, Speech Language Pathologist, treats patients at Brodstone Memorial Hospital

Employees of the Quarter Named for 2018

Brodstone Memorial Hospital’s Employee of the quarter candidates were chosen for 2018.  Employee of the 1st Quarter was Lynette Bartley.  At the time she was nominated she was Specialty Clinic Director.  Lynette was chosen because of the fantastic job she has done streamlining the processes in the Specialty Clinic.  Lynette is positive, appreciative, and works hard to make the process seamless.  Since…

Brodstone's First 2019 Baby

It wasn't long before Brodstone had it's first baby of 2019.

Do you have a Patient Portal?

Download the Patient Portal App and have your lab results at your fingertips!

Brodstone Helps Employees With Education

Brodstone says "Yes" to employees when they want to further their education.

New Laser

Cosmetic Laser and IPL procedures are now available at Superior Family Medical Center

Migraine Relief Available

Superior Family Medical Center staff has a procedure, which is simple, gentle and a comfortable in-office technique, provides immediate relief for most patients and has the potential relief time of 3 to 6 months.