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Brock Melton Trauma Champion

Brock Melton Trauma Champion

Brock Melton, 25 year old gunshot victim from Oak was honored as Bryan Health’s 2017 Trauma Champion on September 6 in Lincoln.  Along with the trauma team from Bryan, many others that were involved in Brock’s recovery were also honored. 

Melton, a farmer from Oak, was hunting with friends Nov. 20, 2016 when he was accidently shot in the head.  Brock’s cousin’s girlfriend was with him in his cousin’s car when he regained consciousness and she explained to him what happened. 

Brock was given a 20% chance to live.  As time progressed, Brock recovered spending time at Bryan Inpatient Rehabilitation and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.  When he was dismissed from these facilities, he continued his rehabilitation as an outpatient at Brodstone Memorial Hospital. 

Those honored at the 2017 Tribute to Trauma Champions included Superior Family Medical Center’s Kayley Johnson, and Therapy staff members Doug Wehrman, Colby Fox, Lisa Butler and Jacki Siebecker.  Many friends and family members attended the ceremony held at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel, as well as emergency first-responders, doctor, nurses, surgeons and rehab therapists.  A video that tells Brock’s story can be found on, 2017 trauma champion.

There were 71 names listed on the program that were honored and had a part in Brock’s survival and recovery.  Andrew Bates, from the Republic County Sheriff’s Department, and Dr. Nolen Beavers, from Republic County Hospital, were also included in the honorees.  Both gentlemen graduated from Superior High School.

Brock’s recovery has been amazing.   Since May, when Brodstone Memorial Hospital’s therapy pool was installed, Brock has been using the pool, working towards his goal of getting back to farming and into his tractor.  Brodstone staff continues Brock’s therapy as he is still progressing.