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Weight Loss Success With Local Smart Moves Class

Weight Loss Success With Local Smart Moves Class

Looking to lose a little weight, live healthier, prevent diabetes?  Brodstone Memorial Hospital has a solution.  An informational meeting is being held Wednesday, November 9 at 5:30 in the west conference room of Brodstone Memorial Hospital.  The classes actually start in January, 2017.  Smart Moves is an evidence based program that teaches you ways to eat healthier, exercise and make a lifestyle change to prevent diabetes.  One in three people have pre-diabetes and don’t know it. A weight loss of 5 to 7% greatly reduces the risk of diabetes.

Brodstone held it’s first class in 2016, with 25 hospital employees participating.  Sixty percent lost their goal of 5 to 7% weight reduction, with 2/3 of those meeting a 10% weight loss or more.  The 40% who did not reach their goal were very close.  This class teaches a lifestyle change so that participants can continue to lose weight at the end of the class if they choose or to maintain their weight loss.   

Why does Smart Moves work?  Two local people were trained as Smart Moves coaches.  The class meets weekly for the first 16 weeks, and then continues for the balance of the year by meeting monthly.  Private weigh-ins are conducted, however personal weight loss is not discussed.  Topics of discussion in classes include sleep, humor, stress, tips, and recipe sharing. Proper foot wear when exercising, what to do when you have a slip up and how to get back on track are also discussed. Participants are encouraged to increase physical activity, eat smaller portions, and make just a few changes to decrease the number of fat grams in your diet. Having the support of others is also very beneficial.  A private Facebook group was organized for the first group where they share information about low fat options they have found.  This is a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) program and is proven to be effective.

Karen Tinkham is a believer in the Smart Moves Program.  “I was on vacation with my daughters in New York City and had a heart attack”, relates Karen.  “Since January I had changed my eating habits, lost more than 10% of my body weight and had been exercising thanks to the Smart Moves class.  After my heart attack I changed my eating style very little because I was already eating heart healthy.  My recovery was exceptionally quick because I was in good shape before the heart attack.” 

Others have also been very supportive of the class, by reporting they are “definitely eating better and sharing their knowledge with others”, “I have had my eyes opened on regards to more healthy options”, and “I am getting better at making informed choices of what I eat thanks to our class discussion.” 

One of the keys of the class is to track what you eat.  This can be done on paper or smart phone aps.   Participants report “Tracking makes me more aware and holds me accountable”.  Another member of the group reports “I am lost when I can’t go for a walk.  I feel I have made a lifestyle change that I believe will stick with me.”  “I have been exercising for 6 months and I feel so much better.”

There is a cost for this class.  Other organizations have been charging as much as $455 for this program.  Brodstone Memorial Hospital has chosen to contribute to this process and has held the cost for each participant to $150 for the year. 

How do you know this class is for you?  Are you an adult who is overweight?  Participants must be at least 18 years old.  Do you have a family history of diabetes?  Have you ever been told by a health care professional that you have prediabetes, borderline diabetes, high blood sugar or had gestational diabetes while pregnant?  If any of these are true, you may be at risk for type 2 diabetes, but there is something you can do about it. 

If you have any questions concerning this program, you may call the hospital and speak with coaches Sue or Micki.  Most all of your questions will be answered at the informational meeting on November 9, 5:30 pm in the west conference room at the hospital.  What else do I need to know about this program?  It works.  You can make a change for life.  You don’t have to do this alone.  It is close by.