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Brodstone is Looking for a Few Good Nurses

Brodstone is Looking for a Few Good Nurses

Lynette Huntsinger Kevin Stout NursesKevin Stout relies every night on the team of people he works with.  He knows that everybody in the building will pitch in no matter what happens. At any time the night crew knows the atmosphere could change from peaceful and calm to full-out trauma activation or a baby on the way. A registered nurse and night supervisor, Kevin is in charge of the night at Brodstone Memorial Hospital.

Kevin started his medical career with Brodstone over 20 years ago as an EMT doing transfers on the ambulance to and from larger hospitals. His wife, Laurie, was his partner on many of those runs. This was a part time job, while working full time at the John Deere dealership. In 2003, he was encouraged by then Director of Nursing, Dorcas Judy, and Nurse Anesthetist, Judy Applebee, to pursue a career in healthcare. He worked full time at Brodstone as a certified nursing assistant while going to nursing school. In January 2008, he officially became an RN. He started working on the night shift and remains there today. As was promised by the two nurses, it has been a very fulfilling career for Kevin. He says, “I am fortunate to work with a great group of nurses and assistants, respiratory and lab personnel, clerks and providers”. Patients frequently comment on the caring and kindness shown by him during their time at the hospital.

Lynette Huntsinger has moved her night expertise to days.  She started at Brodstone in 1990 and two years later applied for and moved into the night manager position. Lynette says this was a rewarding and challenging position. “In all those years, I have not once been bored”.  A rural, critical access hospital nurse has to wear many hats and is challenged to be on top of her game and ready for any situation. She attributes her ongoing success to the team of people who work with her.  There is a shared trust and respect with the medical providers at Brodstone. Lynette has had exciting opportunities throughout her career at Brodstone as a Diabetes Educator, Leadership and Management courses, and becoming a Certified Emergency Nurse. She contributes to groups bringing evidenced based practice to improve care for patients with sepsis, heart attack, and stroke. Brodstone Memorial “Is small enough to know everyone and feel cared about and large enough to employ qualified prepared employees”. She goes on to say, “When our hospital was named in the top 100 critical access hospitals it wasn’t just nurses (even though we like to think it is) it was an every department’s effort that we celebrated”.

Brodstone Memorial is currently looking for a night nurse and a night charge nurse. Kevin and Lynette are examples of the kind of nurses who have found opportunity and purposeful work at the hospital.  We look forward to meeting nurses who want to grow in the opportunities and flourish in the teamwork they will find at Brodstone.