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Nurses Receive Training for Labor and Delivery

Nurses Receive Training for Labor and Delivery

Nurses talking with instructorRecently six nurses from Brodstone Memorial Hospital attended a training event in Crete, NE.  The exciting part of the training was the use of cutting edge manikins to simulate actual birth and delivery of a newborn.  This hands-on training is an innovative way to involve nurses in real-life situations.  It prepares them to act quickly and confidently in any situation.

The nurses who attended are part of our delivery team; the front line when it comes to welcoming babies into the world in Superior.  The training covered topics including resuscitation and stabilization of the critical newborn and emergencies after delivery. Using manikins allows nurses to participate in emergency situations such as management of crises during and after deliveries.  Kendra Lipker R.N. said, I “gained experience in precipitous deliveries and post-partum hemorrhage, even if it’s just refreshing what you already know. The hands-on experience with mannequins makes it all more real and easier to understand!”

Doctors of perinatology and advanced practice nurses were instructors for this class provided by SIM-NE. SIM-NE is a partnership of educational institutions and academic departments representing a number of disciplines, charitable organizations, and public agencies that are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Nebraskans. The semi-truck full of state of the art technology and manikins provides training to rural hospitals just like that provided at the University of Nebraska and Creighton University.

Training is interactive, requiring the nurse to respond in the situation. It is in real time just like a delivery. Pam Murphy shared her thoughts, “I enjoyed it, learned new things and the manikins were fairly real as far as the birthing process.” By using manikins that respond to treatment, providers can see immediately if their actions are helping or making the situation worse. This is training at its best, requiring critical thinking and quick action.

Molly Rempe R.N., the OB coordinator at Brodstone, was proud to be able to provide training that keeps her staff up-to-date with the latest knowledge.  On-going training and education for nursing staff creates a valuable asset to Brodstone providers who deliver babies and welcome the next generation to the area. The hospital supports continuing education and training that makes our nurses some of the best in the business.

If you are interested in becoming part of the progressive team at Brodstone, check out the careers tab on the Brodstone Memorial Hospital page.