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Weight Loss Success With Local Smart Moves Class

Weight Loss Success With Local Smart Moves Class

Brodstone held its first class in 2016, with 25 hospital employees participating.  Sixty percent lost their goal of 5 to 7% weight reduction, with 2/3 of those meeting a 10% weight loss or more.  Two classes were held in 2017 with a total of 34 participants.  Nearly 50% met or exceeded their goal of the 5 to 7% weight loss with most of the remaining participants showing significant success as they were close to their goal.  The class of 2018 also has two sessions with a total 33 participants.  This class teaches a lifestyle change so that participants may maintain or continue to lose weight.   

Why does Smart Moves work?  Two local people were trained as Smart Moves coaches.  The class meets weekly for the first 16 weeks, and then continues for a total of 26 sessions.  Private weigh-ins are conducted, however personal weight loss is not discussed.  Topics of discussion include sleep, humor, stress, and recipe sharing. Proper foot wear when exercising, what to do when you have a slip up and how to get back on track are also discussed. Participants are encouraged to increase physical activity, eat smaller portions, and make just a few changes to decrease the number of fat grams in their diet. Having the support of others is also very beneficial.  A private Facebook group was organized, where tips and recipes continue to be shared.

Brodstone’s Smart Moves program recently received CDC recognition and is working toward a Medicare and private insurance reimbursement. There is a cost for this class.  Other organizations have charged as much as $455 for this program.  Brodstone Memorial Hospital has chosen to support this process and has held the cost for each participant to $150 a year. 

“This class has definitely opened my eyes”, said Lorri, participant in this year’s class.  “It certainly makes you focus on your health.  My biggest thought is that I realized what a fine line there is between being healthy and unhealthy.”  Lorri cautioned, “It is definitely not an instant change.  The participant has to buy into the fact they are ready to get healthy.  The lifestyle coach gives us the tools, but the individual must decide how to use them.  You have to be ready for some change in order to succeed.  We have to take care of ourselves; no one can do it for us.”

Others have also been very supportive of the class, by reporting, “I realized how much exercise made me feel better”, “I was amazed how just portion control makes a difference”, and “I like getting creative with food and learning about the different varieties of fruits and vegetables.” 

Free informational meetings are being held at 5:15 pm on October 16 and November 5, 2018 at Brodstone Memorial Hospital in the north conference room.  If you have any questions, you may call Sue Guilkey, R.N. at 402-879-4432, ext #5291.