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Brodstone Helps Employees With Education

Brodstone Helps Employees With Education

Whitni Rust was a young person interested in taking care of people. She started at Brodstone as a nurse’s aide and quickly knew she wanted to continue her education and become a registered nurse. Brodstone said “Yes” by helping coordinate her work schedule with the school schedule. Brodstone understood that she needed to put school first. She applied for and received a Brodstone Memorial Hospital education grant to help towards her tuition. She has always enjoyed working at Brodstone, “I have a good relationship with the people I work with and I know there are a lot of great nurses to learn from here”. It was an easy choice to return to Brodstone after school. She continues in a bridge program to achieve her Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Whitni says, “I think the most valuable thing to me as a new nurse here at Brodstone is that I get the opportunity to practice in a variety of areas of nursing. I’ve worked in the ER, OB Dept., Med Surg., ICU, and Post-Operative. There is always something new to experience and working at a CAH (Critical Access Hospital) you really get to dabble in a little bit of everything. It’s exciting!”  

Whitni is married with four kiddos and chose to attend Central Community College in Grand Island.  It was affordable, close to home and has a great program. At Brodstone she is welcomed with open arms because of her caring manner and great attitude. Her knowledge and the experience she brings from being in the hospital building so long has helped ignite her career.  Whitni has been working at the hospital for a total of  5 1/2 years.

Brodstone is able to provide preceptors and lead nurses in each department to help new nurses learn about taking care of those special patients. They are provided the training and certifications they need to function well.

Kori Field, Chief Nursing Officer says, “I am so impressed with her, she has been awesome!   She quickly picked up OB and is able to deliver on her own now; has been oriented to charge nurse and does ER without any problems.  She has 4 small children and went to school and worked the entire time.  She was very motivated to get her license and has been very impressive with her knowledge and skill level.  Whitni is a fantastic critical thinker and always is so calm and collected.” 

Currently we have 7 nursing staff enrolled and either taking classes or are prepared to start classes in January and August of 2019. Their upward momentum is encouraged and supported by Brodstone. Talk to one of our nurses or Chief Nursing Officer about the opportunities that abound at Brodstone Memorial Hospital. With relationships and determination like this, it makes it easy to see why Whitni has excelled and is now a leader in the nursing department.

To check out the current positions that are open at the hospital, check out our careers page.  Consider joining our team!