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Do you have a Patient Portal?

Do you have a Patient Portal?

If you do, we have made it even more portable for you!  Download the Patient Portal AppPatient Portal App and have your lab results at your fingertips!  These can be your current and past lab results.  You can also check the date of your clinic or specialty clinic appointments, message your healthcare provider, and review your medications list.  You can also securely send and receive messages from the clinic or hospital.

All you have to do is go to your “App Store” if you use your iphone or get it Patient Portal Iconon “Google Play” for other applications.  The app is free and is called “PatientPORTAL by inteliChart", check out the photo for the icon. 

You don’t have a Patient Portal from Brodstone Memorial Hospital?  We can help you with that too!  Anyone 19 years of age and older that has been a patient at our hospital or any of our clinics may have a Patient Portal.  All you need is an authorized account and an email address.  You will receive a PIN number at the time of registration at the clinic or before discharge at the hospital.  You may also self- register by following the Patient Portal link available at

If you use self-registration, a member of the Brodstone team will contact you to verify your identity and authorize your account usually within one business day.

Recently a patient reported that after their registration, which was done while they were an in-patient, they were able to access their labs that were drawn that morning to see that their numbers were getting better.  The labs that were drawn on the previous two days were also there for comparison.  “How cool is that!”