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Hod Dog Eating Contest Winner

Hod Dog Eating Contest Winner

Hot Dog Eating ContestHarvest Moon Gala Committee members joined forces with the Brodstone  Therapy Department to grill for the Superior Wildcat Football Team as a thank you for helping clean up this year's Gala. On the menu - Hotdog Eating Competition! 

Ten players faced off in the end of season competition put on by Coach Syverson. Brodstone's own, Spencer Trapp, joined the competition, ultimately taking home the First Annual Hot Dog Eating Championship belt.

"Brodstone is proud to partner with Superior Public Schools throughout the year and have enjoyed being on the Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner Spencer Trappsidelines this season supporting the Wildcats", said Heather Erickson, Foundation Director.  "We wanted to thank the team members for the time they volunteered to do Gala clean-up.  We thought this was a great way to show our appreciation."

 Until next year...