Price Estimator

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Price Estimator for Shoppable Services

The Price Estimator Tool from Brodstone Memorial Hospital allows you to obtain an out-of-pocket estimate for procedures that you might need done. You will need your insurance information when entering in your information to get the most accurate estimate of what you might owe.

All hospitals are required to post a list of at least 300 shoppable services along with the corresponding price for each service. The internet-based price estimator tool is an alternative to making public our standard charges for shoppable services.  We did not have data on all 300 shoppable services to include in the price estimator, so the spreadsheet below includes additional data for the remaining shoppable services to meet CMS requirements.  In addition, we have not performed a few of the required 300 shoppable services, so they are listed in the unavailable CMS Shoppable Services spreadsheet.

Shoppable Services Spreadsheet

Last Updated 1.1.2021

Unavailable CMS Shoppable Services Spreadsheet

Last Updated 1.1.2021

Please remember this is a tool to help estimate what you might owe out-of-pocket. For the most accurate estimate of the cost of care, patients can contact Brodstone Memorial Hospital’s Financial Counselor at or call 402-879-3281 and ask to speak to the Financial Counselor.

When discussing the cost of the procedure, the Financial Counselor can help you understand your payment options at that time. Brodstone has multiple options to help you get the care you need while making sure your payments are within our guidelines. As always, an estimate does not mean that your insurance will pay for the procedure being done. What a patient actually pays will depend on their unique benefit plan terms. Please review the financial policy for more information regarding payment options.

Financial Policy

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Standard Charges

To improve price transparency, all hospitals are required to provide patients a list of standard hospital charges, also known as a chargemaster, so patients can compare prices from facility to facility. Although this can be a helpful tool, patients need to do their research to ensure they are comparing prices appropriately. Each patients’ medical needs vary so pricing could vary depending on your current condition. In addition, patients’ need to consider the quality of care and outcome they are receiving when having a procedure done. Brodstone’s Financial Counselor is always willing and ready to help you understand what charges you should expect for your procedure. Please call Brodstone Memorial Hospital with any questions or concerns you may have regarding an estimate.

Brodstone Memorial Hospital Standard Charges

Last Updated 1.1.2021

Financial Assistance Policy

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is committed to providing financial assistance to persons who have healthcare needs and are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for a government program, or otherwise unable to pay, for medically necessary care based on their individual financial situation. Financial assistance is not considered to be a substitute for personal responsibility. Patients are expected to cooperate with Brodstone Memorial Hospital’s procedures for obtaining financial assistance or other forms of payment, and to contribute to the cost of their care based on their individual ability to pay.

Financial Assistance

For more information concerning the Financial Assistance Policy at Brodstone Memorial Hospital please call the Hospital business office at 402-879-3281.