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Patient Portal Information

Patient Portal Information

Enrollment Questions

Who can use the Patient Portal?

You can use the portal if you:

  • Are over the age of 19
  • Have been a patient at BMH
  • Have an authorized account
  • Have an e-mail address

How do I use the Patient Portal?

You will receive a PIN Number at the time of registration at the clinic or before discharge at the hospital.  You may also self register by following the link available at the top of this page.  If you use a self registration you will have to verify your identity to authorize your account by personally coming to BMH or contacting the Health Information Department at 402-879-4432 Ext 5184.

How do I create my Patient Portal account?

  • You will receive a 'Welcome Email' containing the link you need.  If you do not have or may have deleted that e-mail you may use this link
  • Select 'Create an Account'
  • Follow the instructions which begin with asking you to enter your PIN Number and last name.  This PIN Number is only used for the initial set up of your account.
  • Once you are done registering, you will receive a second Welcome-Final Registration e-mail.  You will need to follow the link in this e-mail to complete the registration.
  • Once you have signed on, you will be asked to read and accept the 'Terms and Conditions of Use'.

I lost my PIN Number.  Will you send me a new PIN Number?

Yes, you may request another PIN at your next visit or you may contact the hospital Health Information Department.  Your PIN will be sent to your cell phone or an alternate email address.

Can my spouse and I use the same e-mail address?

No, each person will need to have their own unique e-mail address to register and log into their portal account.

Accessing my Health Information

How will I know if there is  new information in my Patient Portal?

You will receive an e-mail notification that new information has been posted in your Patient Portal.  New information may include messages, lab results or new medications.  No information will be sent directly to your e-mail to protect the privacy of your information.  You will be directed to go to your Patient Portal for this information.

Why haven't I received any responses to my Patient Portal secure messages?

It is possible that messages and responses from your portal account are going to your junk mail.  It is a good idea to add '' to your safe message list.

When will I see my lab test results in my Portal?

Your lab test results are posted after your provider has reviewed them –typically within 5 business days.

Some of my health information on my Patient Portal is not accurate.  What should I do?

Your portal information comes directly from your electronic medical record at the hospital or clinic.  Should you find that some of that information is inaccurate or outdated, please let the staff know at your next visit.

Accessing Patient Portal for My Family

Is it possible to access the portal account of my spouse or other adult?

At this time the only way that is possible to access another adult's portal is for that adult to share their account   log in information with you.  If you need more information on this you may ask at your next visit or contact .

May I view a minor family member's health information in Patient Portal?

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under age 13 and have a current portal account, you may add a child by using the Accounts tab in your portal and scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on 'Add Child or Dependent Account'.   This account will not be completed until the hospital validates this request which should be within 24 hours or the next business day.

I have more than one child.  Can I access each of their records?

Yes, you will need to complete a separate registration process for each child you want associated with your account.

Why don't I have access to my teenager's health information after age 13?

When a patient is approximately 13 years of age, many providers start having conversations with adolescents regarding private health care needs.  To protect the confidentiality of these visits this information will not be accessible after this age.

Do I need to be a patient at BMH or SFMC in order to access my child's health information?

No.  You must have your own Patient Portal account from which you may access your child's information but it is not necessary to be a patient.

May I ask questions on behalf of a family member from my Patient Portal?

You will be able to submit a question on behalf of a child that is associated with your account.  You will not be able to request information on behalf of another adult. That will have to originate through their portal account.  If we are not able to respond to your question due to HIPAA Privacy concerns you will still receive a reply with an explanation.

After I Have Enrolled

I forgot my Patient Portal password.  What should I do?

You may simply click on the 'Forgot your password' link on the log in page.

Where do I update my e-mail address, change my password, or select/change my security question answer?

You may use the 'Accounts' link on the top toolbar or 'View My Account' under the picture on the left side of the page.  It will take you to your account information and there are links to change your e-mail address and/or password.

I was automatically logged out of my Patient Portal account.  What happened?

If your computer keyboard remains idle for 20 minutes or more while you are logged in to the patient portal, you will automatically be logged out of your account.  There is a pop-up window that will alert you.   For your security, we recommend that you log out of your portal session if you need to leave your computer, even for a short period of time.

Current Features

What does the Patient Portal currently offer to me?

View your health information including

  • Medications current and past
  • Medication and Food Allergies
  • Medical Problem List
  • Family History
  • Lab test results

Send a message to hospital or clinic to

  • Ask about my bill,
  • Request an appointment,
  • Request a referral
  • Ask a medical question
  • Request medical records
  • View a list of my visits at hospital or clinic
  • Generate a summary document from a visit
  • Find helpful health tips and other trusted information

NOTE: Some information may not include results prior to date you registered for the portal.

Future Plans

What can I expect for future features?

We realize the current features may not meet all your needs or expectations at this time.   We expect Immunizations, Vital Signs, Interactive Forms and Request an Appointment to be added in the future.  For now we have provided a means for you to request an appointment by using the Messages section.   We know there is much interest in Online Bill Pay and we are exploring the feasibility of that as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 402-879-4432 ext 5184 or e-mail .