Cancer Services

Brodstone Memorial Hospital offers a variety of resources to patients dealing with cancer.  Educational books, brochures and informational materials are available by contacting the Social Service Department.  Social Services can help you explore assistance and support programs available in our area in regards to your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The American Cancer Society has partnered with Brodstone to provide educational material, referrals to helping agencies and programs designed to support the cancer patient as well as their families through one simple application.  Our Social Service staff can assist you with this application process.  You may also contact the American Cancer Society yourself by calling 308-237-1631.

Other programs are available including medication and transportation assistance for qualifying individuals by contacting the Social Service Department at 402-879-3281.

Chemotherapy Available at Brodstone

A patient that would like to have their chemotherapy at Brodstone Memorial Hospital must start this conversation with the healthcare provider that prescribes the therapy.  Once the order is received by the staff at Brodstone, the treatment can then be scheduled. Chemotherapy has been available to patients in the region at Brodstone Memorial Hospital since April, 2020.

Cancer patients have access to telehealth at Brodstone Memorial Hospital.  Using the telehealth option saves the patient a trip to the oncologist.  A nurse is present during the consultation to aid the physician with the exam.  Laboratory tests and scans may also be performed at Brodstone.

Oncologists see patients at the Brodstone Specialty Clinic monthly.  Click here for a list of specialists that have office hours at Superior.  There is also a link for the monthly calendar.