The most important part of any hospital is the role played by Nursing Services. Our patients can rest assured that we offer the very best in technology and equipment, but our greatest asset is our nursing personnel that allow us the ability to offer a special and personal touch to each and every patient. Our team of nurses genuinely cares about the patients they treat, because the patients they treat are their very own community neighbors. All of our Registered Nurses are required to regularly attend advance cardiac life support training and we have a team of nurses that have advanced education to prepare them for many different situations. Our staff has many nurses that have years of experience and that is a tremendous benefit to the patient, to our facility and to our healthcare providers.

Our 25-bed Medical-Surgical Unit is located on the second floor. Our patients can expect an environment that promotes healing through planned management. This means our nursing staff and social services staff work with each patient’s healthcare provider and family to ensure our patients receive the best care possible while they are in the hospital and at discharge.

Our Special Care Unit is also located on the second floor and is well-supplied with emergency care, procedure equipment and supplies. We take great care of all our patients, especially those with special needs.