Our History

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Brodstone Memorial Hospital is a cornerstone of the Superior, Nebraska community.

Brodstone Memorial Hospital has offered superior care close to home since 1928.

In 1871, at the age of 22, William Louden arrived at the Republican River and after scouting the area decided to settle here, because the land was “superior.” Louden’s log cabin was Superior’s first home, Post Office and general store. The town grew quickly due to expansion of the railroad, and Superior became home to many well-respected individuals including George Scoular, founder of Scoular Grain; and Evelyn Brodstone who became the world’s highest paid female executive of her time. In her later years Brodstone married Lord William Vestey and resided at Kingswood Castle in London. After her death, Lady Vestey’s ashes were sent back to Superior for interment, making her the only nobility to be buried in the state of Nebraska. Each year, during the Memorial Day weekend, Superior celebrates its Victorian heritage and pays tribute to a remarkable woman who was also one of it’s greatest benefactors. 

In 1928, Evelyn Brodstone Vestey and her brother Lewis Brodstone donated funds to build a hospital in Superior in memory of their mother Mathilde, who was an advocate of local healthcare. Hailed as the finest hospital serving a town the size of Superior. Brodstone Memorial Hospital provided quality care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. The tradition of medical excellence in that 25-bed hospital has carried on through the years and Brodstone Memorial Hospital grew with the community. Brodstone is a Critical Access Hospital led by a six-member Board of Directors and is unique in that the by-laws originally required all directors be women, a stipulation of the Brodstone-Vestey family. Later it was revised to “2 may be men.”

In 1966, the residents of Nuckolls County approved a bond issue to increase the size of the hospital. In 1978, the 49-bed structure was renamed, Brodstone Memorial Nuckolls County Hospital, a name which reflected the commitment of the area in which it served.

In 1994, the hospital improved its parking area, expanded central supply, and added an ambulance garage. In 1995, a new Emergency Department was added to the hospital which helped to increase efficiency and response time for the staff.

In 2002, the hospital bylaws needed to be amended to allow the hospital to borrow money for a new construction project. The name “Brodstone Memorial Nuckolls County Hospital” was long, cumbersome, and somewhat confusing as the hospital was not governed by the county. The name was changed back to “Brodstone Memorial Hospital”.

In January, 2002, the Nelson Family Medical Center moved to its current location, 76 West 8th Street. This primary care clinic is open 4 days a week and is staffed by the healthcare providers from Superior Family Medical Center and Edgar Medical Clinic.

October 1, 2002 Superior Family Medical Center was purchased by Brodstone Memorial Hospital. The clinic was first constructed in 1974 by the Superior Medical Development Corporation. The corporation was organized by Superior business people to promote the development of improved medical facilities.

In 2005, a 5.4 million dollar project was completed which provided for new areas for the business office, cardiac rehabilitation, therapy, ultrasound, mammography, and the gift shop. Departments with remodeled areas include the bone density, specialty clinic, doctor’s dictation, laboratory and phlebotomy on the first floor. Second floor construction provided for additional surgery space which includes 2 major operating rooms, endoscopy room, new preoperative and postoperative recovery area. The nurse’s station area includes a doctor’s dictation office, nurse’s charting room, central supply area, medication preparation room, nurse’s lounge, several administrative offices and storage. Eighteen patient rooms were remodeled to be private rooms with four being handicap accessible. A Sleep Lab was also created that is a safe, quiet environment with the latest technology is available for these studies.

In August, 2010 an 8.2 million dollar project was completed which added a new clinic and a MRI/CAT scan suite. Superior Family Medical Center is now attached to the hospital with the entrance on the northwest end of our campus. Ample parking is located across the street north. Patients enjoy a new admissions area for all services, with two new waiting rooms adjacent to the Specialty Clinic area for visiting physicians. Lab facilities for the clinic and hospital have been combined conveniently located next to the clinic. MRI services were brought in house and the CT scanner was upgraded.

In 2017, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Therapy Services departments were combined into one large area, Rehabilitation Services. This created a more private area for patients when a waiting area was designed. A walking track was installed and a private nuclear medicine room. A full working kitchen was added for occupational therapy and an aquatic therapy pool was installed. Because of a growing list of specialty physicians holding clinic hours at Brodstone, a new larger Specialty Clinic was constructed near the north entrance. This addition, that was added on to the existing building, has a new area on the second floor for Cardiopulmonary, Sleep Lab and Pharmacy area. The basement holds Materials Management and a large meeting room. The old Specialty Clinic will be reconstructed to be additional Superior Family Medical Center exam rooms and the Gift Shop was relocated close to the north entrance. This was 7.2 million dollar project.